Abraham Dávila

Abraham Dávila

Abraham Dávila is a fourth-year English Major at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus. In 2011, he came in second place in the Wesleyan Academy annual Poetry Contest with his poem "El mundo es silente aquí." He also participated in the Susquehanna University Summer Writers Workshop in the summer of 2012. His interests include Romantic poetry and wine. 

Columnas en Cruce:

"Recollections" (7 de diciembre de 2015)

"Dear Brother" (14 de febrero de 2016)

"To the Love I Never Saw Naked" (25 de abril de 2016)

Domingo, 24 abril 2016 19:19

To the Love I Never Saw Naked

Domingo, 14 febrero 2016 22:28

Dear Brother

Domingo, 06 diciembre 2015 19:45


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