23 confesiones desordenadas


23 confesiones deordenadas o The 23 Things I Didn't Tell You That Time We Had Lunch in the Shade


1.I once told you, 
on that night our cellphones 
became portable confessionals, 
that I’d never been in love.
Forgive me, Father, 
for I have sinned: 
this was a big fat lie.

2. I like the way you look at me, 
like you’re staring out the window 
instead of paying attention in class. 
I hope you’re paying attention 
to me.

3. I used to just 
like looking at you. 
But then, 
something crept up on me. 
And now the best part of my day 
is talking about yours, 
and you asking about mine. 
Sitting in my car 
outside of my house 
when I should be going inside. 
I don’t expect the phone to ring, 
when people say they’ll call me back. 
But you always do. 
Every single time.

4. I love your smile.

5. I know what [who] 
you talk about 
when you talk about 
love [heartbreak]. 
For better 
or for worse, 
I can tell you 
I’m not 

6. I think of you every time 
I eat chocolate.

7. I hope you think of me. 

8. El amor nos pone pendejos. 
Tú mismo lo dijiste.

9. You’re not who I thought 
you would be. This 
is not how 
I imagined you. 
You’re not even who I wanted 
or thought I wanted 
or waited for.

10. Above everything else, 
I admire you. 
Even if I don’t agree 
with everything you do. 
I’m aware 
that these disagreements 
will be our 
The cracks in our 
Irreconcilable differences 
at the base 
of who we are. 
that doesn’t stop me 
from standing here 
on my side, 
gazing over the gap 
in awe of everything
you are. 
I know there’s no way 
I can cross.


11. I swear I’m not 
a bad person. 
Even if I laugh at all those jokes. 
I say,
“I’m going to hell”. 
But you know I don’t mean that. 

12. I know 
you don’t like me,
like I like you. 
I know 
will never happen. 
That doesn’t stop me 
from listening to 
that Miniature Tigers song 
on repeat.

13. I lied 
when I said: 
I had never 
let anyone 
break my heart. 
It happened. 
Once. I opened 
myself up and thought, 
“If this goes to shit, 
it won’t be my fault.” 
And guess what? 
It wasn’t.

14. I admire your courage. 
And your strength. 
I wish I had it.

15. What are you thinking 
when you look at me 
like that? What 
do you see? 
Can you see 
everything I hide 
in the jar I keep
next to my bed?

16. “I fear.
I might not be 

17. I envy your convictions. 
The fact that you 
have them. The ground 
that you stand on 
is solid. Mine’s 
slowly crumbling. 
Letting me 


18. At the risk 
of sounding 
like a terrible 
when I’m with you, 
you make me 
want to be 
Less cynical. 
Less skeptical.

19. I’ve been 
gushing about 

20. I’ll start to miss you 
before we even say 
goodbye. Absence 
makes the heart grow 
fonder [and very very 

21. It’s my own fault. 
You never wished me any sort of harm; but I… 
[finish the quote]

22. I’m comfortable 
here. Being your 
friend. Even if 
just that. 
I’m happy being 
your friend.

23. I’m always scared 
I’ll say too much 
and scare you 
off. I overshare. 
Please stop me 
if I do. 
I’ll open 
myself up 
to you, bleed 
myself dry 
for you, 
even if you 

Lista de imágenes:

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