In el Metro, upon arrival at Madrid

27 de marzo de 2016


The Metro was full of couples 
kissing, touching, fingertips on 
pores, trying to keep melting souls 
inside skin, inside metal, rushing down 
underground parts of unexplored cities.

I thought of you, 
and the doors eased closer 
like thumbs on mouth corners, 
those chapped chattering mouths 
easing closer in the easy freezing wind of

The Metro (.) was full of "yous" and 
full of "mes" and full of that smell of piss 
that we deemed city smell 
or human smell, because "yous" and "mes" 
still kiss if it smells like piss.

And fingerprints still trail change for 
Piccadilly or Valdecarros, 
Sagrado or Bayamón.

Lista de imágenes:

1. Alexy G., Dubai Metro Painting-Travelling, 2016